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Gingerbread Square Class results

I know I have certainly fallen behind in my colouring, but I have to say that it isn’t as much fun to just colour blocks that have been machine embroidered already. I enjoy the stitching as much as the colouring. Hmmm, debating whether to start a new project and do this one all by hand! […]

Hook Line and Sinker Block 6

Half way there! The fishy blocks continue…. I don’t know about you but with all these French knots I would expect to colouring Speckled Trout! It’s certainly a great opportunity to perfect those tricky knots. Here are my tips for Block 6: Again, not too much to say except I hope you like embroidering “X”s […]

Hook Line and Sinker Block 5

The next few months will be an interesting excursion into the world of fish….Should be a nice diversion over the summer months. An interesting note, apparently the “ruler” from Block 4 takes two and a half “Nascar” races to embroider (my timing was two hockey games). Thank you Diane for sharing! Here are my tips […]

Hook Line and Sinker Block 4

The lures were fun, the ruler, well, not so much! Though it did pass the time while everyone was watching hockey. Here are my tips for Block 4: Make a copy of the tracing diagrams to cut apart, that way you won’t ruin the original and it makes it so much easier to trace. Cut […]

Hook Line and Sinker and Gingerbread Square Results Month 3

All I can say is WOW! I love what everyone is doing to make these blocks their own. Such a creative, enthusiastic group and I enjoy colouring with you! Dianne wanted a cabin in her block and Karen’s cottage is a friendly get-together spot so they had fun changing up the block…       […]


Hook Line and Sinker Block 3

What a fun block! Gorgeous too! I’m still going with a “local” theme for my place names so this time I used Calabogie Lake.   Notes on Block 3: When tracing the word lettering take care to think ahead to stitch size for the tails on the letters. They look really nice when the tail […]

Hook Line and Sinker and Gingerbread Square Block 2 Results

Gorgeous work! Connie had so much fun she went looking for more things to colour and Marilyn is busy making BOTH Hook Line and Sinker AND Gingerbread Square! Way to go ladies!!! We’re having fun with names! White Lake, Big Rideau, Oak and Wendigo Lakes (I’ve even heard of that one!) and good old “Wilbur’s” […]

Gingerbread Square Block of the Month

I’m doing this festive crayon embroidery from Crabapple Hill along with their Hook Line and Sinker quilt. Our crayon embroidery group has ladies working on one or both so I figured I had better get on board. I am doing this one a little backwards as a bit of an experiment-I will be receiving the […]