Hook Line and Sinker Block 5

The next few months will be an interesting excursion into the world of fish….Should be a nice diversion over the summer months.

An interesting note, apparently the “ruler” from Block 4 takes two and a half “Nascar” races to embroider (my timing was two hockey games). Thank you Diane for sharing!

Here are my tips for Block 5:

Not too much to say except I hope you like embroidering “X”s!

I traced and coloured before marking the placement for the French knots and “X”s, then marked them with my Frixxion pen. I am liking this method a lot- it really helps with placement and the marks don’t show if I move things around a bit.

I think I am finally getting the “hang” of the terminology- Tint/shade and highlight. After trying to research information on the all-knowing web I was lost! So this is what I am doing based on the order of instructions in the patterns:

Tint: Cover the entire area to be tinted with a light amount of colour. Slightly darker around any edges or along lines that might need shadow (for example, the edge of a fin that is in front of the body)

Shade: Add the next colour where indicated, again varying the amount of colour applied for edges and shadow areas, also, keep referring to the coloured pictures as a reference.

Highlight: The last layer of colour, use this to “pop” any desired areas.

Clear as mud? I am using these ideas as my guidelines and they seem to be working.

Last but not least, you may or may not notice, when looking at the colour picture, that the green colour in the top of the Apache Trout does not come all the way down to the orange center stripe-the yellow from below the stripe comes up above it. (I didn’t until AFTER I had coloured the green.









Cosmo to DMC chart for Block 5 (“me” means colours I actually used). No new colours this month

Hook Line and Sinker Month 5

Cosmo                       DMC

367 647
426 632
575 782
635a 936 (935 me)
8047 946/970/741/900
895 844
923 3052 (469 me)
924 3012 (371 me)
925 936 (935 me)