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“Valley Views”-The Farm

“Farmers Feed Cities”, “Farmers’ roots are deep”….some of the sayings about some of our most important citizens! Schools, churches and bridges are part of the foundation of the valley but without farmers none of them would be here. Farming was the reason many settlers came to the area-even though many of our fields only grew […]


“Valley Views”-The Bridges

We have lots of bridges in the Ottawa Valley! With so many rivers and streams to cross, it’s hard to imagine early travel in the area. Even now, we still have to sometimes take round about routes to get where we’re going-but oh the interesting places we sometimes discover. While there are many interesting and […]


“Valley Views”-Country Fair

Country fairs are alive and well in the valley! I have spent many a day wandering through different fair grounds, looking at the exhibits and the animals and eating way too much food! There’s something magical in the evening when the sun goes down and the lights of the midway dazzle your eyes-it’s my favorite […]