“Valley Views”-Extra Blocks Part 1

There are a few blocks that weren’t included in any of the projects for the Shop Hop. The first two are small, simple ones. What would a pictorial quilt of the valley be without Parliament Hill? Our Peace Tower is a beautiful building made of limestone (from Manitoba!) and stands proud and tall in our nation’s capital. Our economy was based on the proud, tall white pines that grew throughout the valley. Men came from all over to harvest the forests and moved on as areas were forested out. There are still some remnants of these stands of pine and recently it was discovered that the province’s tallest tree is a white pine growing near Arnprior! Check out this link for the story:


Here are the blocks….


Wednesday, June 10, 2015 marks the first day of the “Edge of 17” Shop Hop up through the Ottawa Valley. Hopefully we’ll run into you somewhere along the way…..