Hook Line and Sinker Block 4

The lures were fun, the ruler, well, not so much! Though it did pass the time while everyone was watching hockey.

Here are my tips for Block 4:

Make a copy of the tracing diagrams to cut apart, that way you won’t ruin the original and it makes it so much easier to trace.

Cut apart the ruler pieces, leaving approximately ½” of paper around the ruler. When taped together this should give you a paper block 2” wide by 36-7” long. (The fabric block gets trimmed to 2 ½”X37”). Centering this on your fabric will leave lots of room to trim.

Trim the “Lure” paper pieces to approximately ½” on outside edges and tape the two pieces together. This should give you a paper block 4 ½”X15 ¾”. Mark the center vertical and horizontal lines. Finger press the fabric to mark the center lines as well and line up the paper with those for tracing. The fabric block gets trimmed to 5 ½”X18 ½”, so again there should be lots of room for trimming.

Lure 4

Lure 4


When tracing Lure 4, the instructions recommend you only trace the center line on the body, not the lines that come off it. After colouring and heat setting, draw those lines with a Frixion pen if you feel you need them and after stitching remove the drawn lines with heat. Use long stitches when stitching-the short lines should only be a single stitch and the long lines 2-3 stitches.




Don’t draw the feather stitches on Lure 6; just use your Frixion pen to mark after colouring and heat setting the crayon.

This time ‘round, I marked the placement of my French Knots with a tiny dot. I could see it through the crayon, and it was small enough that the knot covered it. This way I didn’t have to “eyeball” the placement. You could also use the frixion pen for this too.



There is a “gap” in the stitching for Lure 2. The circle markings on the Lure should be completely stitched in #895 (DMC #844)




The recommended thread for the orange on Lure 7 is a variegated Cosmo. The equivalent DMC combination is four threads but you are only stitching 1-2 inches! I chose a medium orange from the list (DMC #970) and just used that. This after making sure I had all four shades on hand!


Seeing as the individual Lures were small, I tried a thicker base of white crayon on each this time. I didn’t like the result. Too thick a base and my other colours didn’t colour the way I wanted them to, I will return to a lighter base next month!

Equivalency chart for Cosmo to DMC with the colours I used (“me”)

Hook Line and Sinker Month 4

Cosmo                       DMC

2241 498(304 me)
2702 783
367 647
633 469
705a 780(782 me)
715 3790
891 647
893 646 (470 me)
895 844
924 3012 (371 me)
2500 white (new)
369 3781(new)
8047 970(new)*
982 3768(new)

*variegated Cosmo equals DMC 946/970/741/900 but you only need approximately 2″ of stitches