Gingerbread Square Block of the Month

I’m doing this festive crayon embroidery from Crabapple Hill along with their Hook Line and Sinker quilt. Our crayon embroidery group has ladies working on one or both so I figured I had better get on board. I am doing this one a little backwards as a bit of an experiment-I will be receiving the blocks already embroidered on an embroidery machine and just need to colour them!

Cheating you say? The blocks are a little smaller than the hand embroidered ones, and already have the thread work done which makes the colouring challenging. We’ll see how it works out. Need to keep my crayons nice and sharp and get out the mini-iron to get into all those tiny spaces!

So far I have received Block 2. Got it coloured today while it was storming outside so here it is. I have only heat set the left hand side so the ladies can see the before and after effect: