Hook Line and Sinker Block 6

Half way there!

The fishy blocks continue….

I don’t know about you but with all these French knots I would expect to colouring Speckled Trout! It’s certainly a great opportunity to perfect those tricky knots.

Here are my tips for Block 6:

Again, not too much to say except I hope you like embroidering “X”s and knots!

There is one hole in the embroidery drawings- it’s on the small fin on the Steelhead. Continue to outline the small fin all the way around with 895.









One more “fishy” month to go and then we’re back to scenery and lettering!

Here’s my Cosmo to DMC chart, there are actually two new colours this month (Cosmo 2981 and 734). I used DMC  935 for both the conversion numbers 936 and 937-they are on different fish. I also converted both Cosmo 367 and 891 to DMC 647, they are also on different fish.

Hook Line and Sinker Month 6

Cosmo                       DMC

367 647
634 937
635a 936
891 647
893 646 (469 me)
895 844
924 3012 (371 me)
2981* 936
734* 930