Postcards From Muskoka Block 5, Pine and Block 7 Northern Lights

Block 5, Pine Tree and Block 7, Northern Lights (available at Simcoe Sew and Quilt in Barrie)

Lonely majestic pines are as Canadian as…….I love the personalities they have and can only imagine the stories they could tell about their long vigils in some pretty inhospitable places. I think I have a favourite tree at each of the places that I’ve camped, and when I return I always find my way to them and visit awhile. There’s just something about trees……

I am fortunate enough that even in the city where I live I can still see occasional Northern Light displays. They are nothing like the breathtaking dances you get to watch in the darkness of the country but once in a while they can still be pretty awesome. We used to carry our sleeping bags out to an open area and lie there watching the lights-just magical!































I didn’t lose Block 6, it’s for tomorrow!