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Postcards from Muskoka Block 2 and 3 Beach and Loon

Block 2, Beach and Block 3, Loon (available at 3 Gals and a Quilt Shop in Huntsville) I spent a few years just outside of Huntsville at good old Camp Tawingo. Many fond memories! Tawingo introduced me to the great outdoors at the ripe old age of 8 years old. We had β€œtame” wildlife at […]

Postcards from Muskoka Block 1 “Muskoka Chairs”

Block 1, Muskoka Chairs (available at Thimbles&Things in Orillia) What more says “Muskoka” than a pair of Muskoka chairs watching a sunset? I know my American friends call them Adirondack chairs but I think we had them first πŸ™‚ When Sue at Thimbles&Things saw the first design she knew she had to have that block […]

Stained Glass Quilting Tutorial

If you want to try this technique, contact me and I will happily send you a PDF file of the drawing!   Step one: trace non-reversed drawing on your black background fabric using chalk   To do this, tape the black fabric over the drawing leaving an approximately 2” margin all around it. The fabric […]