Hook Line and Sinker Block 9 Notes

My top has sashing and borders and looks AMAZING! Yup, it’s done! It’s at the shop (Quilting Quarters) so stop in and see it. I will post pictures after I get through the Toronto show. I also hope to get some colouring done on Gingerbread Square blocks for our last get together.

It has been a pleasure colouring with you ladies! You are my kind of therapy!!

Here’s the business end of things:


Long, involved process (for me anyway) to assemble this one (Hook Line and Sinker)! I did not want to draw the “permanent” pigma pen after assembling the top in case of a boo-boo so I put the three pieces together first. That may have been a mistake because it took forever!!!

So here is the benefit of my exercises….

I ended up cutting the pieces approximately 29”X21”, 13”X25”, and, 7”X15” (remember to cut two of each). I then drew on the finished sizes with a Frixxion pen so I could copy the picture.

I made sure to leave more than ¾” below the drawing on the bottom of the largest block, and marked a line ¾” below the basket strap (on the right hand side). I traced the big picture up to about 1” from the top edge of my outline. I layered the stitchery backing fabric with the traced fabric and basted it together, then trimmed the top to ¼” from the outline.

I layered the middle section fabric together, trimmed the top and bottom to ¼” past the outline I drew, and attached it to the big piece, matching the outlines. I left a good section on the left hand side not sewn so I can inset the assembled block into the quilt. I folded the stitchery backing piece down and continued to trace the drawing, continuing any lines across the seam. When finished, I folded the backing fabric up and basted the layers.

At this point I checked my drawing against the picture and had to adjust the height/length of the poles a bit so they would end up occupying similar space to the picture.

I followed the same process for the top, smallest block.

Sound like fun? Hopefully after I walked through it with you it made more sense!

*Once again there are some “No Colour” spots that should be noted before you grab your crayons or pigma pen:

  • The letters on the left beer bottle (lying on its side)
  • The mountaintop on the second bottle

I asked about crayon removal-Connie said Meg’s method worked pretty well.

I asked about erasing Pigma pen and did not get any help so I suspect it’s a no can do.

*Lots of notes about stitching and stuff:

First off, let me say that this took too many NASCARs to count!!!!

I may be having eyesight issues, but these were errors/omissions I was unable to find….

Beer Can: Line to left of “shield” unmarked, I did it in 633 (DMC 469). The two lines on the right of the shield through the letter “S” are both shown as grey 153-A and the top line is also shown as blue 8055. I used blue for the top line and green 633(469) for the bottom line. The instructions show colour 704 (a yellow) to outline the can, I found it too yellow and my picture looked more “rose” so… I used DMC 221 for the inner lines and 315 for the outer lines.

The number “1” is never shown in the stitching, I used 895 (844)

The line out to the left of the basket is never shown in the stitching, I used 367(647)

The rope on the right pole is never shown in the stitching, I used 383(840)

Lastly, I found the 706 (783) too yellow for the basket stitching, it looked more “taupe” to me so… I used the 706(783) for the wide strapping and the basket lid, and DMC 841 (not on the list) for the pocket and straps on the right of the basket.

Under the assembly instructions there are a number of “long” strips. Cut them all first cross wise- there are two 54 ½”, two 52 ½”, one 44 ½”, two 37” and two 23 ½” strips.

That’s all I can think of….

I will post some pics as soon as I can get a chance to shoot them! Looking forward to our last meet, we’ll have to find something else to colour!!

Here is the DMC Conversion chart:

Cosmo DMC Cosmo DMC
153A* 318 633 469
2241 304 2702* 783
310* 801 704* 3820**
367 647 706 783
369 3781 715 3790
375* 3848 893 469
383* 840 894 1050
386 839 895 844
404* 721 8024 3362/469/471
426 632 8055 747/807/3765

* New colour       **unknown colour-my choice