Crayon and Embroidery, Hook Line and Sinker Block 2

It’s done! And it’s beautiful! I am really happy with how this one turned out and can’t wait to start Block 3.


So here is the benefit of my experience with this gorgeous block:

  • READ THE DIRECTIONS-once again I got carried away and dove right in. When will I ever learn?
  • When tracing the design on to your stitching fabric, DO NOT trace the scales on the fish. These will be embroidered with a feather stitch and if they are already drawn you will have a hard time covering your lines. I drew some guideline scales on with a “Frixion” pen after all the coloring and back stitching were finished. The pen showed well on the crayon and after I finished the feather stitches, it ironed right off.
  • Remember to just make small dots where the french knots go on the fish. I sew these last so that I won’t be handling them too much as I do my other stitching.
  • I found that when I was stitching the frame I could feel a bit of stretch. I sewed the inner frame first and reversed direction to sew the outer frame. I know, hooping it would fix any distortion, but I tend not to use a hoop unless I am doing a lot of heavy embroidery.
  • If you are using one of the “local” lake names, trace the design leaving lots of space around the pattern’s lettering. All of the names I did up are longer, so the arc shape is bigger. Once the “Welcome to Lake….” is drawn, go back and fill in any drawing needed.

After finishing the stitching, I am still leaning towards the lighter or shaded block. When my stitching fingers recover I will stitch the darker, more colored block and maybe we can vote. Here are some detail pictures:


Detail 1


Detail 2


Detail 3






For those that are using DMC thread, here is the list of what I used. There’s also a diagram of where I put which shade of blue to substitute the variegated Cosmo thread. I have also gone back and updated Block 1 for the thread equivalency chart.

Hook Line and Sinker Month 2

Cosmo                       DMC

633                 469

575                 782

2241              498

367                 647

8055              747/807/3765

895                 844

426                 632

923                 3052 (new color) 470 me

634                 937 (new color) 501 me

924                 3012 (new color) 371 me

893                 646 (new color) 318 me

813                 223 (new color) 335 me

188                 ???  (new color)221 me