Hook Line and Sinker Block 8

Only two more blocks to go including this one!

The Hook Line and Sinker Block 8 is a nice, easy block that won’t take too much time. Meg is softening us up for Block 9! Not too much colouring or stitching on this one.

Here are my notes for Block 8

Once again there are some “No Colour” spots that should be noted before you grab your crayons or pigma pen:

  • The word “Beautiful” is not coloured in
  • The tops of the waves are left white (think “whitecaps”)
  • I liked the look of the bubbles in the word “Fish”, maybe they aren’t supposed to be bubbles but that’s what I saw. The pattern doesn’t indicate that they are French Knots; however, they sure look them in the picture. I liked being able to see the little circles around them so I actually drew the circles with my pigma pen and did a Four wrap French Knot inside, think about the look you might want.


Before I tackle Block 9 I have a couple of questions for anyone-

  • Anyone tried removing crayon before heat setting using Meg’s suggestion? I haven’t needed to, yet….
  • Anyone tried erasing Pigma pen? That’s more my concern and I suspect it’s not do-able.

Here is my Block 8


Notice I used “White Lake”? A favourite little beach!! Next month, the big basket and poles!