Hook Line and Sinker Block 7

The fishy blocks are done!

Lots less French Knots and X’s this month-Yay! We also get a peek into Meg Hawley’s sense of humour-anyone ever had Crappie?

Here are my tips for Block 7:

Thought I might revisit placing the fish on your background fabric. Nothing like tracing it, getting ready to trim, and realizing that it is way off center.

I measure the fish and pick a “box” that is close in size to the overall fish and is an easily calculated (for example, 4”X11” not 3 7/8”X 10 13/16”). I divide the size of the sides in half and mark my box. I then mark the center of my fabric by folding and creasing it and place the drawing so that the center markings line up. My fish then ends up centered and straight.

My "box" fit nicely at 4X11", the center is at 2", 5.5"

My “box” fit nicely at 4X11″, the center is at 2″, 5.5″

This "box" fit nicely at 4 1/2"X8" with the center at  2 1/4", 4"

This “box” fit nicely at 4 1/2″X8″ with the center at 2 1/4″, 4″

When colouring the Rainbow Trout, the last instruction says that the lower belly is un-tinted. Now, if you are like me and go all out with your crayons, put this instruction at the top of the list! (Yes, the belly of my fish is tinted.)

Also I wasn’t sure about the fish’s tail, the instructions weren’t clear for me so I treated it the same as the fins for colouring. In the picture they look similar so I figured that would work.

When stitching the trout I thought I found an error, but it was just me. The X’s in colour #893 appear to have a mistake, but that one single X is actually colour #891.







That’s it for fishies, next month we’re back to scenery and lettering!


Thread Conversion for Month 7

Hook Line and Sinker Month 7Cosmo                       DMC

367 647
369 3781
635a 936 (935 me)
891 647
893 646 (469 me)
895 844
426 632
575 782
715 3790
2105* 899 (309 me)


*New colour-medium salmon