Embellishment Projects-general information

From beading to embroidery, dimensional quilts and colouring fabric, there are classes and projects for beginner to advanced quilters. Fabulous Flowers offer a chance to add some beading and beginner thread play as well as alternative border/binding treatments. Sensational Sunflowers introduces dimensional flowers and Poppin’ Poppies utilizes water soluble stabilizer and a hoop to make vibrant 3D poppies. There are also classes for water colour fabric painting to make beautiful sky and water fabrics as well as projects such as SummerTime Ferns introducing Paintstiks.

Fabulous Flowers

This set of patterns introduces quilters to the use of yarns, beads and specialized threads to embellish small quilts. the workshop runs a full day and takes students through tracing, fusing and embellishing. Finishing techniques are discussed with lots of examples. The quilts measure 13X20″ and provide an excellent opportunity to play with a manageable first project. Some examples include:



Bright colours and beads make me think of spring



Colour selection and shiny yarn make dramatic flowers


Beading and embroidery are used for these delicate flowers

NEW! Fabulous Flower Fun Workshop combine a whole tool box of embellishing techniques in one small project


Sensational Sunflowers and Woolly Sunflower Bag

Both of these projects introduce the use of dimensional flowers. Students learn how to make a 3D Sunflower as well as practicing other applique techniques. The “technique” workshop takes a full day, the “project” class (where students make the bag or wall hanging) would need one extra full day.


“Sensational Sunflowers” is a bright, cheerful wall hanging with a bold 3D flower

Detail of flower center



“Wooly Sunflower Bag” is a great eye-catching functional bag

3D Flowers on a wool background-neat!



















Poppin’ Poppies

This pattern/class focuses on two great techniques.   Playing with fabric and thread, using water soluble stabilizer and embroidery hoops to create 3D flowers requires a full day, with either a presentation of the strata technique at the end of the day or as a second full day class.


“Poppin’ Poppies” uses the strata piecing technique and 3D flowers


Introduction to Paintstiks

Choose SummerTime Ferns or a technique oriented workshop to introduce the use of these fun, oil-based paints.


“SummerTime Ferns” featuring painted ferns

Painted leaves on fabric, outline stitched


A little less paint for a different look









Painting Fabric for Landscapes

Using water-based Seta paint, students create pieces of fabric to use in projects.


Sky and water painted with Seta color


Rocks painted with Seta color and folded

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    Hi Joni,
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      Thanks Karen, always love to share-makes quilting FUN!

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