Quilted Stained Glass Class February 2014

What fun, and the creations are awesome. I am constantly amazed by other people’s interpretations of the designs. I’ll let them speak for themselves…well, maybe a couple of comments 🙂


Getting ready to fuse, love the sunflowers!


A very elegant version of Into The Light


Three proud ladies (and rightly so!)


We decided this was “winter”, love the tree foliage


Felt this one was more “fall”. Neat rocks and love the cliff texture that’s also repeated in the small border


This one seemed to say “Summer”. For some reason my camera pulled the blue colour from the grey shaded rocks. Nice tree bark textures and she was having some texture fun in the front rocks too!


Love the trees and all the different prints/textures in the fabric-this one by a “novice” quilter (we all had trouble believing that!)