Quirks&Quilts has grown out of a desire to share my quilting experiences.

I have been teaching classes and workshops and giving trunk shows for a number of years. Students and fellow quilters were asking me for patterns, and recently I have had the opportunity to spend time developing some.

This of course led to the need for a web site to pass the word even further, so here we are!

For information about classes and shows check out Classes and Workshops;


for pattern information and retail pricing, check out Shop. stained glass quilt

Patterns can be ordered through the website and at a growing selection of quilt shops. Some of the patterns are available through Northcott  and shops that carry their fabric, check with your local store.

In addition, the following shops carry a wide selection:

The Muskoka Quilting Company, Bracebridge, Ontario

Flair With Fabrics, Chesterville, Ontario

Cobwebs and Caviar, Shelburne, Ontario

There’s also a page for Guilds and shops with a little more information

If you want to see where I’m at, check out the calendar

I also try to post lots of pictures of quilts (both mine and from others) and once in awhile actually get a blog post done. I have managed to put up some information on the way I make stained glass quilts and am working on some other tutorials.